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Established in 1948, GAGGIONE’s corporate and primary manufacturing facilities are in Montréal La Cluse within the Northern Rhone-Alps region of France, located between LYON (Fr) and GENEVA (Ch), at the heart of one of the main European industrial cross-roads. We continue our dedication to successfully producing the highest quality optical solutions for LED and other light applications since introducing the world’s first collimator for the Barracuda LED in 1996. GAGGIONE applies its extensive experience and resources to provide comprehensive design, development and manufacturing capabilities for the production of custom-made optical parts and systems.

Quality and production consistency are the results of highly educated optic designers along with our pre-production and tooling team, generations of know-how optimized with great technology such as diamond machining equipment to realize mould inserts; and naturally a production shop of the highest precision injection process machines, operators and ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949 certifications. GAGGIONE also operates strategic alliance and sister company relationships with SURCOTEC based in Geneva, Switzerland and QUADRATEC based in Quebec, Canada. SURCOTEC provides high-end surface analysis and treatment including silver metallization, UV/AR coating and texture finishing. Our QUADRATEC operations provide general and optical grade injection facilities serving some North American production needs.

The  standard optics range is the fruit of long experience in the custom optical components business. It has developed naturally in the face of constantly changing market demands and fast time-to-market, and continues to be one of the exciting businesses GAGGIONE serves in shaping our customer’s light.

Custom optics


A custom made solution is the right choice for a customer not finding the standard optic in the GAGGIONE’s off-the-shelf standard optics portfolio. Based on customer’s specifications and requirements, GAGGIONE is able to design the complete optical system and deliver the appropriated lens, collimator, diffuser, light guide or other optic to work with the requirement. Our experience includes applications in the field of general lighting, street and area lighting, transportation industry or other applications requiring us to shape the light a certain way. But creating a specific light distribution is not the only reason to decide for a custom design. More and more companies understand the strategic value and show the interest to invest in their own solution to achieve cost savings. In this growing market, reducing the bill of materials as well of time of assembly is critical to bringing competitiveness and delivering to the market fast. Optics are playing a more impactful role than before and are bringing many opportunities for integration of functionality and increasing lifetime value. In the end, a single part if well designed optimized can help reduce the bill of materials, simplify stock management, and shorten assembly time resulting in lower overall cost.

Not only do custom optics help reduce the complexity of the system; they are also the solution for a better performance efficiency and market distinction and recognition. Having your own optical system is a differentiation by design and provides greater potential for increased performance of the end product. Leveraging a partner with solid experience and proven reputation is the solution GAGGIONE serves in Shaping Your Light.

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