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Established in 1948, GAGGIONE is a french company located in Montréal La Cluse between LYON (Fr) and GENEVA (Ch). GAGGIONE produces the highest quality optical solutions for LED and other light applications since introducing the world’s first collimator for the Barracuda LED in 1996.

GAGGIONE applies its extensive experience and resources to provide comprehensive design, development and manufacturing capabilities for the production of custom-made optical parts and systems.

Quality and production consistency are the results of highly educated optic designers along with our pre-production and tooling team, generations of know-how optimized with great technology such as diamond machining equipment to realize mould inserts; and naturally a production shop of the highest precision injection process machines, operators and ISO 9001 and ISO TS 16949 certifications.

GAGGIONE also operates strategic alliance and sister company relationships :

  • SURCOTEC (Geneva, Switzerland) provides high-end surface analysis and treatment including silver metallization, UV/AR coating and texture finishing
  • QUADRATEC (Quebec, Canada) provides general and optical grade injection facilities serving some North American production needs.
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Having so many companies trusting us for their optical parts requirements is something we are very proud about. From street lighting to architectural thru medical or entertainment, GAGGIONE has been working with the most important players of each field. Whatever the application we are fully committed to give all of the projects the attention and professionalism they deserve. Here a couple of examples of specific partnership and products we worked on.


MAQUET / GETINGE is a leading global provider of products and systems that contribute to quality enhancement and cost efficiency within healthcare and life sciences. They employ more than 15,500 people, and have operations in 41 countries. As a leading medtech company, MAQUET focuses every talent and resource towards helping their customers save as many lives as possible..


AYRTON fixtures are created to answer any demanding installation and criteria, distributed through devoted and exclusive worldwide teams. AYRTON uses reliable, flexible and avant-guard technologies linked to innovative design, providing the AYRTON customers with wide range of pioneer lighting solutions to be installed in Stages, TV Studios, Showvenues and Architectural schemes.


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