Color optics LLC59X 45mm PMMA

Presentation of the color optics LLC59X

The design of high-performance color mixing optics has been part of GAGGIONE’s DNA for years. We are now introducing an innovative 45 mm range to meet the most demanding applications of colour mixing or tunable white. Four references are available:

  • LLC59U ultra narrow beam color optics,
  • LLC59N narrow beam color optics,
  • LLC59C color optics color beam with the best in the compromise color homogeneity beam angle class,
  • LLC59E color optic elliptical beam.

All these versions are based on the patented color mixing technology we have developed for high-end stage lighting, entertainment and custom architectural solutions.

Please refer to the information sheet of our LLC59X range for more information.



Ultra Narrow Beam


Narrow Beam


Narrow Beam Color Mixing


Elliptical Beam

Application of the PMMA LLC59X 45mm PMMA colour optics

The LLC59X range has been integrated into the incredible ASTERA AX5 45W RGBW (3x15W) with an angle of 13°. Optimized for a quick return on investment, this stage light now replaces all wireless and wired PARs and batteries. It is the ultimate tool for entertainment professionals.

We are very proud to see our optics in such an innovative product, with very clever additional features for entertainment and stage lighting companies. Congratulations to the ASTERA team for the excellent work done on this reference!

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