LLC79x7 45mm silicone collimator range


Miniaturization of high end spots solutions is in the air. Following the great success of our LLC66x7 67mm collimators  a lot of our customers requested the same beam quality in a smaller form factor fitting the 50mm spot design. We worked hard to downsize our 67mm references while keeping the same beam homogeneity, cut off and efficiency key features. The LLC79x7 range has been designed to match most demanding applications while providing compatibility with both high power and COB solutions. Three references are available : LLC79N7 narrow beam, LLC79M7 medium beam and LLC79W7 wide beam. Please refer to our LLC79x7 range infosheet for more details about the range. We also have a zoomable solution comparable to the LLC66Z7, stay tuned !

Mechanical integration

LLC79x7 45mm range is fully compatible with LLH66 mechanical integration ecosystem environment. It consists of pre-assembled sets of collimators plus cage holders such as the LLS79N02. Specific base have been developed to fit various LED and COB holders environments with 6 different options depending on your preferences as the LLH66B102. The LLH66B6 base for single or multiple chips high power LED is soon to be available. Please refer to our LLH66 ecosystem leaflet for more details on part numbers and compatibility.

competition analysis

We wanted to see how the LLC79x7 range was behaving in front of our competition. We selected one of the most famous 50mm market available silicone solution to benchmark our new range. Results can be found in the silicone collimators competition survey document. Measurements have shown that our 45mm solution is providing way more consistent beam with 20% more D50/D10 ration verys significant +80% efficacy on narrow beam version. If you need the best available solution, please contact our sales representatives to learn more about this survey, and make an educated decision.

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