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Compatibility Matrix Datasheet


Ø 67 mm narrow beam PMMA collimator.

Compatibility Matrix

Measured results in black Simulated results in blue
LED Manufacturer LED Reference FWHM 1 FWHM 2 FWTM 1 FWTM 2 Efficacy 1 Efficacy 2 CCI


Measured results
Beam angle @50% (Deg.) Major axis or Narrow Pos.Beam angle @50% (Deg.) Major axis or Wide Pos.Beam angle @10% (Deg.) Major axis or Narrow Pos.Beam angle @10% (Deg.) Major axis or Wide Pos.Efficacy (cd/lm) Major axis or Narrow Pos.Efficacy (cd/lm) Minor axis or Wide Pos.
A lengthB heightC foot
Normalized Intensity
Viewing angle (deg.)
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