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We used to publish only measurements results within our website’s compatibility matrix. To be more reactive in providing the latest data on the latest LEDs we decided to add simulation results (1) on top of the physical measurements (2).

Our main goal is to have as many recent LEDs as possible on our website to let you pick the relevant optic for your application with as many options as possible.

Simulations are done with LightTools.

For the same combination optic/led, we noticed differences between measured and simulated results:

  • The relative difference in beam angles is below 10% for all combinations except wide optics.
  • Wide optics are simulated up to 15% wider.
  • The relative difference in peak intensity is below 15%.
  • Ultra narrow beams tend to be misevaluated.

If you need more information about simulation’s results, please contact our sales team.

(1) blue values in chart results.

(2) black values in chart results.


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