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Custom products.

Your manufacturer of custom lenses

Didn’t find the solution you were looking for? Regardless of the specifications and requirements, GAGGIONE is able to design a complete optical system and provide lens, collimator, diffuser, light guide or any other optic to meet your requirements.
Our experience includes applications in the fields of general lighting, street and urban lighting, transport industry or any other application that requires us to shape light in a specific way.

Creating a particular light distribution is not the only reason to choose a custom design. More and more companies understand the strategic benefit and appreciate the value of investing in their own solution to be more cost-effective.
Custom optics reduce system complexity, improve performance and efficiency, market distinction and recognition.


Having your own optical system is a guarantee of differentiation by design and offers greater potential to improve the performance of the final product. Relying on a partner with a solid experience and a worldwide reputation is the solution that GAGGIONE offers to Shape Your Light.

Whether your target product is high-end or price-oriented, we will be happy to provide you with optical designs and/or manufacturing services.

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