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It takes a lot of different know-how to move from an idea to a practical industrial solution. With more than 40 years of experience in optical solutions design and parts injection, we provide the best possible service at all stages of the project. From the early stages of optical design to parts shipping and logistics, we do our best to provide the best customer experience in its class.

Gaggione, an optical designer close to its customers

We support you from the initial phase of your project thanks to an integrated optical research and development department.

Depending on the target and specifications of your project, our team of optical engineers will work with you to obtain the best possible performance, taking into account the constraints of the injection process that must be integrated into the first stages of development.

A fully equipped measurement laboratory is available to ensure that the final product will meet the initial specifications of your project.

Gaggione, precision optical quality

Our high-precision machines driven by qualified engineers provide the optical quality required for perfect duplication of the optical pattern on plastic parts.

Roughness can be reduced to 5 nm while surface precision can reach λ/4 on a diameter of 150mm thanks to the Ultra Precision Lathe. While free-form geometry is required, our high-speed milling can achieve a surface accuracy of 1µm with a roughness of a few tenths of a nanometer.

The roughness of the finishing surface is achieved thanks to the golden hands of our polishers. All these capabilities and equipment combined with our expertise in tool design offer the best guarantee of robust and accurate tooling.

Gaggione, machines adapted to all your projects

Our injection workshop is equipped with presses from 35 to 500 tons. Whatever the injected material and the project, we provide state-of-the-art injection capacity, based on our extensive experience in transparent plastic and silicone injection.

We can adapt the level of automation according to the characteristics of the project, price and quality requirements. For example, an automatic pre-packaging process using collaborative robots is available if the parts are to be kept away from human contact or interaction.

Silicone materials are injected in a dedicated workshop adapted to the specific constraints of the materials.

Gaggione, cutting-edge machines

Achieving nanometers in machining requires metrology equipment to achieve the same level of accuracy. This dedicated laboratory assesses the parts during the first stages of the prototyping of the injection process but also serves as a quality management tool for the control of production batches and the analysis of the root causes of possible injection drifts.

Using several tools ranging from mechanical sensors to 3D camera vision systems, the metrology laboratory performs the very complex task of measuring and qualifying high-precision transparent parts.

Gaggione, cutting-edge logistics

Delivering parts on time and ensuring good transport and protection conditions is the last step in our daily quality commitment.

Our modern and spacious warehouse allows a security stock for all standard products, but also for the parts of your custom project according to our logistics agreement.

You will get your share on time under the best possible transfer conditions.

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