MOON color mixing and zoom system


MOON is an innovative solution for very small form factor fixtures needing both a zoom and a color mix feature. MOON is a silicone light guide plus projection silicone lens based on our stage lighting and entertainment experience. It has been developed in collaboration with one of our most important customer in the stage lighting market. Colors or white color temperature being mixed using multiple internal reflections inside a silicone rod, the color homogeneity is perfect, even on most difficult colors. It is the best possible fit for less than 20mm diameter high end lighting fixtures requirements. Please note that as being a partnership product, it will not be available for all applications. Please contact your relevant sales representative for more information.


MOON being a very innovative and non typical optical solution, you will need some guidelines to prototype and integrate it. We have edited a MOON Application Note to help you in this process. This application note covers the main questions you will be facing while designing you upcoming fixture. It adresses mechanical integration, beam angles qualification and LED choice option.

moon an 2

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