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A custom made solution is the right choice for a customer not finding the standard optic in the GAGGIONE’s off-the-shelf standard optics portfolio.

Based on customer’s specifications and requirements, GAGGIONE is able to design the complete optical system and deliver the appropriated lens, collimator, diffuser, light guide or other optic to work with the requirement.

Our experience includes applications in the field of general lighting, street and area lighting, transportation industry or other applications requiring us to shape the light a certain way. But creating a specific light distribution is not the only reason to decide for a custom design. More and more companies understand the strategic value and show the interest to invest in their own solution to achieve cost savings.

Not only do custom optics help reduce the complexity of the system; they are also the solution for a better performance efficiency and market distinction and recognition.

Having your own optical system is a differentiation by design and provides greater potential for increased performance of the end product. Leveraging a partner with solid experience and proven reputation is the solution GAGGIONE serves in Shaping Your Light.

Designing and manufacturing custom optical parts has been part of our DNA for decades.

Might your target product be high end or price oriented we will be glad to provide you either optical design and/or manufacturing services.

Please use below form to let us know your projects details, we’ll come back to you shortly to discuss and quote it.

Target form defect range :

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TIR collimator :

Free form / Cluster / Other :

From defect is one of the main key factors to be controlled in order achieve desired optical results. It is qualified in µm. The lowest the better (see illustrations below).

It is also an important cost driver for plastic parts injectors when trying to make it as small as possible. Both tooling and parts cost will be impacted. As a consequence, you can select the target where your application will have the best fit following guidelines below. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

We thus recommend the following target depending on your product type:

  • Medical, Imaging systems optics : 30 µm to 50 µm
  • High End General lighting : 50 µm to 100 µm
  • General lighting, Street lighting, commodity markets : 100 µm to 200 µm

Form defect example on a TIR collimator

Form defect measurement among optical surface

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