LLL15x7 150mm silicone linear collimators range


LLL15x7 is a 150mm silicone collimators range with two references : LLL15N7 narrow beam version and LLL15A7 asymmetric version designed for wall washing applications. They are both capable of high homogeneity color mixing but will also be the perfect pick for tunable white linear solutions. Whenever you will need a perfect color homogeneity with an easy to be implemented linear scalable solution, LLL15x7 range will provide state of the art beam result with all of the silicone technology advantages. Please refer to our LLL15x7 range infosheet for more information.


We discovered that is was not so common for our customers to design and integrate linear lighting fixtures based on total internal reflection collimators. In order to make your life easier, we edited a LLL15x7 Application Note providing exhaustive information and design guideline. They refer to mechanical integration, PCB design and product handling. Please contact us or contact the relevant sales representative of your area if needing more information.


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