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Medium Collimator

Ø 45 mm medium beam silicone collimator.

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LLC79M7 is a Ø 45 mm medium beam silicone collimator. LLC79M7 is part of the latest addition to the silicone collimators range. It is a 45mm diameter medium beam angle solution, applicable for both high power and COB solutions. Compatible with 9mm maximum COBs, it provides state of the art beam characteristics combining an unmatched beam homogeneity with spectacular cut-off.
LLC79M7 benefits from the patented negative draft angle technology to provide a stray light free solution. It comes with a full integration ecosystem based on a LLS79M assembled collimator + cage holder which can be combined with different bases options to fit either PCB mounted high power LEDs or COB holders from various manufacturers.
LLC79M7 is a tunable white ready solution and provides advanced color homogeneity with CSP or high power LED clusters.

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