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⌀ 50mm assembled set with a tunable white window and a clear holder

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SSIRIUS50ZTW0 is a Ø 50mm assembled set with a tunable white window. It is compatible with up to Ø 13mm LES and optimized for 6-9mm. Typical beam angle range (FWHM) is 13.5°- 47.4° with the cluster tunable white LuxeonZ by Lumileds.
It is also available with a black holder: SSIRIUS50ZTW2.


SSIRIUS50TW0 is a set, it means you will receive it already assembled. Assembly with compatible LLH66B bases is achieved using integrated twist and lock feature.

For its integration, SSIRIUS50Z is compatible with LLH66B bases. Click to open :
LLH66B100 LLH66B102 LLH66B200

LLH66B202 LLH66B600 LLH66B602

LLH66B500 LLH66B502 LLH66B400

LLH66B402 LLH66B100 LLH66B3102

Are you searching for a narrower version of the SIRIUS ? Discover the SSIRIUS50Z0, another version of the SIRIUS.

A technical question ? Consult the SIRIUS datasheet.
This solution can come with white holder or any other color on request, contact us.

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