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LLC66Z Ecosystem Set with LLC66Z7 Zoom Collimator – Black

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LLC66Z Ecosystem Set with LLC66Z7 Zoom Collimator – Black

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GAGGIONE applies its extensive experience and resources to provide comprehensive design, development and manufacturing capabilities for the production of custom-made optical parts and systems.

Quality and production consistency are the results of highly educated optic designers along with our pre-production and tooling team, generations of know-how optimized with great technology such as diamond machining equipment to realize mold inserts, and naturally a production shop of the highest precision injection process machines, operators and ISO 9001 certification. The standard range of optics is the fruit of a long history in the custom optical components business. It has developed in the face of constantly changing market demands and fast time-to-market, and continues to be one of the exciting businesses GAGGIONE serves in shaping our customer’s light.

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