How to choose the right lens holder?

Home > How to choose the right lens holder? Reading time : 2 minutes Achieving an optimal focus position of the lens is the key factor for a successful LED/collimator integration. The best focus position will be achieved when matching the collimator's focus position with the LED's Light Emission Surface position (LES). Our different holder [...]
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Why did we choose to publish simulations on the website?

We used to publish only measurements results within our website’s compatibility matrix. To be more reactive in providing the latest data on the latest LEDs we decided to add simulation results (1) on top of the physical measurements (2).

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Technical information about Material

Home > Technical information about Material Reading time : 7 minutes Throughout our 60 years of existence we have witnessed the development of raw materials, and our experience now enables us to offer you advices on the best choices. Whatever your constraints, please do not hesitate to ask our sales engineers for assistance. Their skills and their networks [...]
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How to define an optimal LED layout for color mixing?

Home > How to define an optimal LED layout for color mixing? Reading time : 3 minutes A color mixing optic requires a particular LED layout in order to work properly. A wrong layout combined with the best possible secondary optic will never provide an efficient color mixing. In a color mixing optic, the LED [...]
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Color Consistency Index (CCI)

GAGGIONE has been one of the most innovative optical company in the color mixing field. In our Tunable White or RGBW optic developments, it has always been difficult for us to compare different solutions or technical approaches. Relying only on the perceived quality of the color mix is not as efficient as having measurements and facts. As we understood that there is today no industry standard to qualify the color mix quality we investigated in having our own measurement protocol. This is obviously quite helpful for us to develop and improve our performances. We developed a measurement protocol to qualify a Color Consistency Index (CCI)…

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